Get birth, marriage and death certificates from Argentina

We request them to the appropiate Civil Registry Office, request the seals,  legalizations, apostilles (if needed) and deliver them to you.  According to the destination of the certificates we will request different seals so they are valid for the procedure you need to do in your country.  We provide a right and personalized evaluation of your case so we can make an efficient quotation for you.

Also, since in Argentina the Civil Registration is not centralized, we can do some researches (electoral and genealogy sources) before ordering the certificates if you do not know the required details such as places, dates, legal names, etc…

Argentina has civil registration of birth, marriage and death since 1887.

Get documents for obtaining citizenship

We also work with Cámara Nacional Electoral and several Consulates to get documents for Polish, Spanish and Italian citizenship:

  • Certificate of citizenship or non-citizenship from Cámara Nacional Electoral.
  • Certificate of military situation (Certificado de situación militar) for Polish citizenship.


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